Common SEO Strategies for Your Business

Searches are the primary mode of web navigation among users of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. In 2014 alone, these search engines recorded over 2.5 trillion searches. SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that taps into these numbers to increase a business’s visibility, popularity, and sales.

When a user searches a particular keyword, the search engine they are using presents an ordered list of results. Most searchers will visit the highest-ranked sites, and only 2 to 3 percent ever look at page 2 of the search list. This means that the higher your site is listed, the more traffic you receive.

SEO Techniques
SEO entails many techniques that a business can use to increase its ranking on a search results page (SERP). The following are the most effective of these strategies:
• Keyword Research
Keyword research involves reviewing the keywords you or your competitor is ranking high for or that customers are mostly searching for. You then create quality content around these keywords or update old content, so your site is ranked high as an answer to that search.
• Backlinking
When another website includes a link to your content on their page, their readers can visit your site through it. This is called backlinking and is an excellent way to direct traffic to your site. You can use this strategy by fostering relationships with web admins and creating original, well-researched content.
• Site Architecture Optimization
Site architecture optimization is much like backlinking, except you link to other pages on your own site. The links should lead to information related to the one on the current page. For example, if you create a post titled ‘What Is SEO,’ you can include an internal link to another of your posts by hyperlinking a phrase like ‘why is SEO important for your business?’
• Content Marketing
Last on this list is content marketing which involves creating new or updating existing content to increase its quality and focus. Creating good content will likely improve your ranking (Google loves valuable content) and shareability on social media.